A Genuinely Kind Person

     Having travelled extensively on my own I am always astonished by the people I am able to meet. My recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii was no exception. I stayed in a small Buddhist B&B which had a variety of people residing there, both for the short term and for the long term.  One resident who has been there awhile stood out. Her name is Anne. She is a nurse by profession. Her Buddhist philosophy as well as her innate sense of humor and her overall grounded normalcy had a profound affect on me although I only spent 10 days at the inn.  She provided an oasis of relief from a seriously lacking Buddhist sensibility elsewhere at the Inn and she had a complete lack of judgmentalism.  Her genuine commitment to Buddhist principals and a sense of calm provided this traveler with some moments of much needed respite.   This blog is a tribute to that sense of being.  Anne you are the real deal and a fine example of what all of us can aspire to be!  Thank you.  Find that property, settle in and know that you provided a sincere kindness to a solitary soul.